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Aajol Day Care Center


Aajol, one of the leading and largest daycare centres in Pune, operating 24 daycare centres across the length and breadth of the city, relied largely on conventional administration, involving the use of traditional musters and registers, to record vital business information, admissions, employee records and history, manual application management, generating and maintaining fee and vendor receipts, and the likes.

The organization did have a virtual administration system. However, as a standalone system catering to only a couple of branches, and with several technical, functional and administrative limitations of its own, a minor or major glitch in the system could result in a major crash, thus resulting in loss of business information and records fed to date.

Procezio Solution

Procezio facilitated a Cloud-based centralized system for all the daycare branches, enabling central access for Aajol’s top management and local access for each of its individual branches, including franchises spread across the city.

The system handled several administrative tasks for Aajol’s branches. This included managing new registrations, fees management, eliminating a considerable volume of paperwork, maintaining staff information and salary details, and managing expense records. Since report generation was another important confrontation for Aajol’s conventional work processes, another important feature and function that the Procezio facilitated was that of the generation of 8 different reports that entailed vital business information. The system fetched, processed, and translated data into critical business information, and transformed it into various reports such as registration tracking, enquiry tracking and follow up, pending fees, collections, staff salary reports, etc.

Aajol’s central admin had access to all the 8 reports of all of Aajol’s daycare branches. Besides, Procezio developed a student masking system that could effectively track and manage the irregular cases and the rejoining ones.

Benefits of Procezio Solution

  • A virtual Cloud centralized administration system
  • Multiple access levels
  • Data security
  • Simple, efficient and hassle-free generation of different types of reports for better and informed decision making.
  • Improved expense tracking and management
  • Reduced manual efforts, and errors
  • Saving plentiful of man hours
  • Reduced dependencies on conventional administration techniques