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TecMec Case Study


The manual approach towards handling customer complaints, customer requests was taking a toll on the overall business at Tecmec, one of India’s leading crimping machine manufacturers. Manual management of customer emails and phone calls resulted in continuous and a larger number of miss outs, coupled up with the unavailability of the real-time status of the request (whether open, in-process or closed), and above all, recurring customer complaints, gradually resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

Customer complaint and request handling at Tecmec needed an automated or a technology-based solution that would help with end-to-end management of the concern raised, right from raising a request to closing it with the latest status. Procezio deployed a comprehensive and customized request management system that would specifically meet the company’s crimping machine’s request/ complaint management

The Solution


Procezio designed a customized request/ complaint/ concern management system, for concerns associated with crimping machines, in particular. Customers and engineers, including the line managers, were given access to a complaint management system through a mobile app that would facilitate the generation and acknowledgment of the complaint anytime and anywhere for the customer and the engineering respectively. Besides, the company was also given web access to the system, along with access to information and logins based on authority and designation of the individual.

Further, the concerned supervisor would assign the complaint to the on-duty engineer, along with an automated acknowledgment and closure time shared with the customer. The on-duty engineer would attend the call, and then update the status on-site as completed/ closed, in-process, or specify the maintenance status as specified or as appropriate. Every update would be stored on the central database of the system.


The system also facilitated the generation of various detailed and analytical reports to understand the customer complaint trends, patterns, the acknowledgement time, the closure time, help identify repeated concerns, track AMC details and dates, prompt AMC reminders and notifications, the reasons for breakdown or other issues, the number of requests/ complaints handled by each engineer, numbers and the reasons for escalations, pending requests, etc. The report offered real-time information, thereby fostering informed decision making, and, in a way, helping the management to chalk out strategies based on the information received.


Deploying one system resulted in a number of benefits, some of which are enlisted here.

  • Improved service levels
  • Strict adherence towards client SLA
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • An awareness and understanding of the trends and patterns of recurring complaints
  • Evaluate staff efficiency
  • Track the number of escalations, resulting out of manual complaint management
  • Reports working as an aid to design strategies based on real-time information
  • Availability of real-time status of the complaint at all times
  • Reduced manual efforts and errors
  • Considerable savings in the man-hours, otherwise incurred in manual complaint management